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Services Offered


Tranquil Waters Counseling is only offering telehealth/video sessions at this time. The sessions are provided through HIPPA- compliant online platforms.

I am able to provide services to those who currently reside in Michigan, as license restrictions prevent me from working with anyone whose "feet are not on the ground" in Michigan.

Teletherapy allows therapy sessions to take place in the comfort of your own home or any private setting where you feel safe and comfortable. 

Individual Affirming Therapy

Individual therapy gives you the opportunity to work through issues that are negatively impacting your life. It is a joint process between you and your therapist.  

I believe that people are experts on themselves and are coping the best they can. With the right support, all people have the potential to heal themselves and find true inner happiness through living their most authentic lives. I provide a safe environment where individuals can explore their inner thoughts and develop tools to assist in addressing adversity. 

If you do not identify as your assigned sex at birth, are questioning how you identify, identify as transgender or non-binary, you may be looking for a therapist who is familiar with these concerns.

Many people think that transition implies from one gender to another but every journey is different and my goal is to help you transition from whatever is causing your distress to being more authentically you.


Couples Counseling

If you are tired of feeling frustrated or unheard in your relationship, couples counseling may be a good fit for you. I provide a safe environment where you and your partner can be vulnerable. Together we can work to improve your emotional connection, learn techniques to reduce conflict, increase communication, explore and understand the root of the problem and enhance intimacy.

Counseling for Parents of Trans or Non-Binary Individuals

I provide a safe space where you can explore your feelings about the changes that are happening with your child. I have experience working with parents who have expressed a variety of feelings and have struggled with their child's transition. I understand that you may be questioning how to best support your child while also processing your own feelings, which may even include a sense of loss. 

This is a pivotal time where expressing your concerns and sorting through your feelings in a safe place matters. Please feel free to contact me if you are wanting to better understand and accept what your child may be going through. 

Family Therapy

In addition to working with transgender and non-binary identified individuals, I also enjoy providing support and guidance to you, the partners and family. I understand that you too are on a journey of your own. I provide a safe environment where you can openly explore your own individual feelings and how the changes in your loved ones life may be impacting you.

Family therapy can help bridge the gap between changes within the individual and the family system.


When it feels like issues in your family are impacting each member, and they don’t seem to be getting easier, it might be time to seek therapy as a family.


I work to provide a safe environment where each member of the family is able to openly express their individual feelings that are impacting relationships within the family.

Parent Support Group

*No Cost*

For parents of transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary individuals (of any age, adult or child). This meeting takes place the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6-7:30 pm via zoom. If you are interested in attending please send me an email, so I can get you connected.

Letters for Gender Affirming Surgery

For those who are interested in a letter or second letter for gender affirming surgery, which is required by many insurance companies, I am available to provide assessments and letters in accordance with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care requirements.

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